Saturday, August 20, 2011

Once you do what you Love, you'll never work a day in your life!

Hey guys!

Crazy week, lots of things going on...
I have done a lot of thinking lately, about myself, my life, family, job, career, and realized that we need to do everything we can, while we can.

We never know what's ahead, we can't plan every single detail in our lives according with our desires, God is always ahead, and it won't work as we plan. He has The Best for us, and we never know what He has in His hands, we just know that it's way better than what we think.

-Ready for the Wedding-
Today I've sang at a wedding and i guess it's a start of a new career as a singer. I will use this talent that God gave to bless other people, oh yes I will, why not? I love to sing, I mean...really...LOVE music. Listening to the radio in my car, a woman said this phrase that make me think about that the whole day..."Once you do what you Love, you'll never work a day in your life!". Can u imagine that? imagine everybody doing what they love and earning money from it? wooww..."think". 

This week I've caught myself listening to a Polk Opera, can u believe it? was so beautiful, that woman sang with her soul, interpreting and expressing every single word that was coming out of her mouth...amazing! I'm exploring everything that I can now, I think I was waaayyy to locked in a world that wasn't mine..or even God's....I think I was listening to many people, and forgetting to listen to God. Now things are changing...for will be hard for me to express this other side that is shinning in me, but as long as God is in control, I don't care, and I really don't care what people will say.
I feel that I am more passionate for Jesus now, I feel free.

We gotta Love guys, Love, Love, Love. Stop judging people and Love. Show real love to people, and you'll definetely will get more love at the end.
Spend more time with your loved ones, "family". The worst thing is seeing someone growing without family, or without knowing each other.

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