Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Confused

Hey guys, so I am but there is a lot of questions in my head. Like...I want my own domain, why do I hv to pay if I'm not advertising anything, why don't I hv wordpress so I can personalize my blog? why do I hv to pay for everything I like? lol lol lol.....ok pls don't laugh, and don't think I'm crazy...I was just it's just too much for my head right
I'm just doing this for fun .... for now ... I'll get serious later! lol =)

Yesterday was a good sunday! Went  to my parents crib to hv lunch and oh boy...what a lunch!!! soooo sooo yummy... (my fav maionnese salad, chicken and macarronada a la goooood!!!!)

Then we headed to church...which was awesomeeee..... "John Gray and Joel Houston in the house" r u kidding me? what a service.... u hv no idea... was truly blessed.

Tomorrow we're gonna hv Bobbie Houston "SISTERHOOD" coming up!!!! can't wait...gotta sign up...I don't wanna miss it!!!! =)

Today was kind of slow...not feeling so great...bloated...something is coming...LOL...."girl's moment" sweet sweet bed is calling me... =)
I'll b here tomorrow...I guess.

Thought of The Day:  "Never give up on helping others, no matter what you're going thru your life, there is someone out there worse than you, so stop complaining and start being greatful for what you had, what you have and what you will have it. God is in every single detail, never forget that, love more!"  (2 Chronicles 15:7 "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.")
- l o v e -

Love u y'all
Peace!!! o//

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