Sunday, August 28, 2011

Really Cool Stuff

Hey guys, busy/scary/fun weekend!!!

Had so much fun at the wedding that I've sang in yesterday!!!... "imagine me, singing in spanish" so cool! Anyhow, if u know someone who wants a singer .... here I am!!! =) hehehe I'm loving it!!! =)

Hurricane Irene passed by us to say hello..left a few trees/brenches/power down, but everything else was fine, well at least in our area, thank God for that. I pray for those who lost their houses, cars in the middle of this storm.

We had mom, dad and in laws over for the weekend, I was a little worried to leave them in their homes...we had so much fun! Yesterday we've chit chat and laughed a lot! Loved it!!! Great weekend!!! Aaww...everybody is gone... #sad =\  hehehe
So, after 2 months I guess, got my dining room table all set up! YES! / Water in the kitchen working! YES! .... Everybody worked a little ... lol ... it was great!
Anyway, my house is finally getting in shape. I'm really excited to get it done! we have company coming oveeerrr...."can't wait"!!!! =)

I've found some really cool tips for home design!!!! I'm always looking for something new, fresh and that really speaks to me! =)

Hope u guys like it!!
- Are You Guilty of These Common Decorating Faux Pas?-

Don't put a tiny piece of art above your bed

Aim to fill two-thirds of the wall space above the headboard.
Then hang a mirror behind your bedside table lamp.
The mirror livens up the area and creates visual
depth in a less-than-spacious room.

Don't have all the same color wood in one room.

Don't be afraid to mix various colors of wood together in a single space. (Different woods can coexist in a room just like they do in a forest.) And be sure to lighten things up with Lucite, polished chrome or glass accents.

Don't underestimate the power of personal photographs.

The rule of thumb for professional-quality photos: Go big and crop in.
Hang the framed photos uniformly with about
four inches of space around the perimeter of each piece.
A gallery wall of photos can make a major statement above
a couch or a long hallway.

Don't push all your seating against the walls in any room.

Float your seating, and be sure to leave about
two and a half feet for walkways between pieces.
If you do have a hefty piece of furniture on one wall,
balance it with a mirror, indoor tree or furniture piece that's
roughly the same dimensions on the opposite wall.
Otherwise, it could feel like the room might tip over.

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Last but not Least:

Girls...saw some really cool make up ideas in a magazine this weekend that I bought for just $4.99, almost 700 pages of reaalllyyy cool this really cool eyeliner from stila! LOVE IT@

I'm constantly trying to find something to get rid of my dark under eye circles, I can start my day without putting some concealer on it! Hate it! So I hope this works, it's new from Lift and Lighten Eye Cream from Dr. Dennis Gross, I already have the Estee Lauder’s...So let's try...

Well, some trends gets me back on time, now with those red lispsticks on again, I just can't stop thinking of my 3rd or 4th grade that I've always had my reds ON, but I mean REALLY ... I used to love red, so my whole "outfit" including mouth was RED! *Thalita knows what I'm talking lol lol ..... 100x LOL...  =P
But here we go again...RED...

There u hv it!!!! I just loooved  these tips!!! I'm soooo following these "little rules"! =)
I'll be posting some of my designs, so u guys can see my other passion besides singing!!! hehehe =)

Thought of the day:  "ALWAYS...ALWAYS see the both sides of a story. U might be surprised that the one u though u knew was right, happens to be the wrong one! Be smart and find out the truth by asking the source, don't go crazy judging people without knowing what really happened." #lessonwelllearned
"My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." James 1:19

Peace and Love y'all
God bless


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  1. Eu realmente lembro do vermelho e de você.. hahahaha (e das listras) / I really remember the red and you .. hahahaha (and Stripes)