Saturday, August 13, 2011

1st Day as "A blogger"

hey guys, welcome to simply life's blog!!!
feels nice to be here expressing myself as a blogger. [lol]
saw my friends blog *thalita* [which is really cool and interesting] and really got excited to go ahead and make one!  =)
really wanted to start earlier, but never had time, still don't hv it, well... just a litte bit more than before.

i'll be posting things that happens in my life as a married woman, wife and mom of a 2 year old baby, and a  i'll also be sharing my thoughts, dreams, miracles, and i really hope that u guys stay in touch w/ me! =)

now it's 8:30pm and we're home, relaxing and watching tv! =)
so i'll see u guys soon!!!

[preg really didn't look i was pregnant in that pic...c'amon! =D]

1 comment:

  1. Opaaa! Bom começo!!! Vamos uma apoiar a outra.. e vamos longe!!! Vamos postar! =) Essa sua foto ficou linda mesmo!!! (participação especial da Rebekah inside of you!) hahah Bjo!!!!